About Titia van der Ploeg

Titia met beeldje

Ir. Titia van der Ploeg is NOBTRA Trainer of the Year 2014/2015

Born in Rotterdam in 1964 I was named Titia, from the Latin name ‘Laetitia’ – ‘the joyful one’. And indeed, I’m a very good-humoured person. Someone who thinks in opportunities and possibilities, and who enjoys life. But also someone who doesn’t walk away when things start to get exciting. I started my communication agency in 1994, in addition to my then function as lecturer at the School for Journalism at Hogeschool Utrecht. Before that I worked at Grootverbruik Ahold for a few years.

I graduated as a landscape architect and communication trainer at Wageningen University. I love nature and being outside, something you’ll notice in the training courses too (choice of locations, metafores, images of nature, going outside if possible, etc.). Apart from this, I took training courses in coaching, advising and mindfulness. I am also co-author of three books: creating corporate magazines, meetings and conversational techniques in business.

I specialized in training trainers and university lecturers. I created the training tool ‘Accelerated Learning with Action Cards’ with them in mind. In 2013 my book Mindmappen was published, process and retain information more effectivly. My book Training 2.0 has just been published (in 2016) – with the IMPACT-method which enables you to make every training a success.

I’m also proud to have been selected the ‘Trainer of the Year’ in 2014/2015. Want to know what the jury wrote? Read the jury report.

My personal values are:

  • Playfulness
  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Adventure
  • Ambition.

You’ll recognize these values in all my activities. As a participant in my training you can expect to have a great time in which you will be presented various choices and options so that you learn in a way that fits you best. I give and create confidence, because you’ll learn better in a safe environment. But you will also be challenged by particular work formats. Because of my ambition you will find that every work format – however playful or adventurous – contributes to concrete results. An energizer to combat an ‘afternoon energy dip’ is, in my view, a design flaw in the training. A useful component will always be part of the assignment or work format.

Ir. Titia van der Ploeg is an accredited trainer and a member of NOBTRA, the Dutch Association of Professional Trainers (Nederlandse Orde van Beroepstrainers).

I would be happy to help you or your organisation as well. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.