Other programs

Below you will find information on three programs: Mindmapping, Multiple Intelligences in Education and Intervision Techniques.


Process and remember information enjoyably and effectively

How do you get what is in your head on a piece of paper? How do you grasp and keep hold of the key points during chaotic meetings? You will do this effortlessly with Mindmapping.

Mindmappen is a brain-friendly way of storing information in which you use colors, drawings, symbols and arrows to structure information. The theory is not complicated. But how do you put the theory into practice? If you’ve read a book about mindmapping, it doesn’t make you a master in mindmapping. Learning a new skill takes practice, just like how we learned to walk or cycle.

In short: if you want to experience it for yourself, please contact me for a Mindmapping training. >>Read more about mindmapping

Multiple Intelligences

This is how you get all your participants at the edge of their seat!

During classes and trainings a lot of information is provided, explained and discussed. Some participants sit at the edge of their seat and are completely engaged, while others stop participating and look forward to a break. You detect this behavior. Are these participants not motivated or are they not able to follow the training? You engage them, ask them if everything is clear, if they’re “ok”. You make sure to alternate the different work forms, but still …

The theory of “Multiple Intelligences” (MI) by Howard Gardner discusses differences between people. Every person is talented or intelligent in his own way, and it determines his preferences for certain activities. For example, someone can be linguistically, mathematically, socially or musically talented.

This workshop teaches participants to recognize and make use of their intelligences. The effect of the implementation of MI is that all participants feel challenged and engaged. By anticipating their preferential intelligences they will learn easier and more. Furthermore, people develop themselves broader by having their strengths address the less strong intelligences.

With the knowledge of Multiple Intelligences they can increase the variation in work formats in classes, differentiate themselves better and they increase the learning efficiency of their participants.

In short: if you want to experience this yourself, please contact us for a Multiple Intelligence training. >>Read more about Multiple Intelligence


Intervision techniques

Intervision is a structured method with which you learn, together with colleagues

Nowadays, work is combined with learning. And rightly so, because only in practice you can implement what was learned in training. It is not always easy to handle complex situations efficiently and effectively. Which is why a fresh perspective of a professional outsider can help. But employees can learn a lot from each other as well.

Intervision is a structured method with which you learn, together with colleagues, how to handle situations, questions and problems that arise in the daily working practices. Intervision, provided that it is well designed and well managed, offers valuable support for employees. They become aware of the effects of their actions, and will improve the supervision of colleagues. In addition, good intervision contributes to personal growth. By reflecting upon their actions, giving feedback and supporting each other, the participants go through a learning process that will strengthen their functioning.

In short: if you want to experience this yourself, please contact us for an Intervision Technique training. >>Read more about Intervision Techniques