Train-the-Trainer program

Note: This training can only be given in English when it is in company. Learning delivery managers of Nike University from Europa, Asia and the United States have already participated in this training.

Trainer with IMPACT is a Train-the-Trainer program in which I help you become a successful toptrainer.

Titia has become NOBTRA trainer of the year 2014/2015!

If you

  • Want to perfectly suit the learning needs of your participants,
  • Want to work less (and make participants work more), and
  • Want a system to quickly and easily design trainings that focus on results,

this training is the perfect fit for you!

Resistance is a thing of the past. You are fit and work with plenty of energy, and your participants reward you with motivated behavior and high evaluations.

I would be happy to help you and/or your organisation as well. Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.

The Activating Trainer is the next step to didactic excellence.

When you employ the strategies, your trainings are guaranteed to become more appealing to you and your participants. Clients and participants will return for your knowledge and expertise and recommend you to their clients.
The didactic perspective turns you into the best trainer you can be, one that lets groups work for themselves and gets excellent results. You’ll enjoy your work like never before, your toolbox is filled with unlimited resources and you develop trainings in just a short time. In conclusion: you know exactly what you’re doing, and you have satisfied participants and clients that learn from you, and put what they’ve learned into practice.

What did participants say about this training?

  • Highly recommended! From good to great!
  • That it is a terrific addition for anyone who works with groups
  • The training was inspiring, active, with a high learning efficiency and safe
  • Very useful – opens your eyes to how trainings can be designed better!
  • Very interesting, learned a lot, received many new insights and new working methods
  • Great training, very intensive, activating.
  • Essential training of you want to inspire and train effectively! And have fun!
  • You should do this if you want to dust off and refresh your training skills and gain new insights, many different work formats and employ various learning styles and multiple intelligences
  • I’ve been working intensively for three days, without a clogged head (or maybe a little) but no headache. I’ve not only gained new knowledge, I’m already putting it into practice!