Making notes attending a lecture? Mindmapping helps you remember all the content

Making notes attending a lecture? Mindmapping helps you remember all the content

Process and remember information enjoyably and effectively

How do you get what is in your head on a piece of paper? How do you grasp and keep hold of the key points during chaotic meetings? You will do this effortlessly with Mindmapping.

Mindmappen is a brain-friendly way of storing information in which you use colors, drawings, symbols and arrows to structure information. The theory is not complicated. But how do you put the theory into practice? If you’ve read a book about mindmapping, it doesn’t make you a master in mindmapping. Learning a new skill takes practice, just like how we learned to walk or cycle.

In short: if you want to experience this yourself, please contact us for a Mindmapping training.



Mindmapping is interesting for you? Yes,


Active Participants Using their Mind and

  • If you want an overview of a large amount of information
  • If you want to save a lot of time
  • If you want to remember the context of your notes when reviewing
  • If you want to easily remember important information
  • If you want an inventory of your ideas
  • If you want to prepare a presentation
  • If you want to make informed descicions
  • If you want to summarize a book in a clear and organized manner

Do you need to be a drawing artist? Not at all!


Developing new Skills

Does it take a lot of time to master mindmapping? Absolutely not! In just one day (and for half the price of most other providers of this training) you will have mastered mindmapping, guaranteed.

Are there any disadvantages? If you work with colors (highly recommended), you’ll need good quality markers. And unlined paper. Sounds doable, right?

I would be happy to help you or your organisation as well. Please feel free to contact us if you consider a mindmapping workshop.