Training Didactic Skills

Professional teaching in the 21st century

Edufit offers Trainings Didactic Skills. Bureau 5 voor 9 works together with Edufit to provide education for lecturers of universities of applied sciences.

The Training Didactic Skills (BDB+) is a practice-oriented professional course with the objective of developing the teaching competencies of teachers and trainers in higher professional education. This course will help you expand your mastery of didactics as well as your subject matter expertise.

The course is composed of questions frequently encountered by teachers and trainers. Questions such as: How do I prepare my lessons, training sessions or workshops? How do I find material for my lessons? How can I give more captivating lessons? How do I continue to motivate students? How do I give individual feedback to students? How do you manage to design and implement instruction that addresses the differences in student needs but yet still results in everyone achieving the required outcomes?’
The Active Learning Course was certified by the Stichting Post Hoger Beroepsonderwijs Nederland (SPHBO) (Foundation for Post-Higher Professional Education Netherlands) in 2014. This elevated the course into a recognised and accredited programme whose graduates are included in the foundation’s register.

The Training Didactic Skills (BDB+) will help you take a more conscious and varied approach to designing your lectures, lessons, workshops or training programmes. In the process, you will utilise the opportunities offered by ICT. You will offer more choice to students during the lessons, adding variety to instruction, which will in turn allow students to more effectively harness their talents.

You will also be in a better position to guide all of your students through the learning process. That means you will be able to keep an eye on group processes as well as resistant behaviour and unintentional problematic behaviour. With the help of guidance discussions, you will be able to coach and support your students in their decision-making processes. However, the most important contributing factor of the BDB course is the increase in student satisfaction and improved learning outcomes. Not to mention, of course, the enjoyment you experience as a teacher/trainer from coaching students through the learning process.