10 Action Cards

Action Cards are assignments designed for participants to get the best out of their training. As a trainer, you offer your participants choice out of 3 to 5 different assignments. Because they are free to choose, they will be highly motivated to work on the assignment. You group members are allowed to choose the assignment they want and they can also choose to do this assignment by theirselves or together with other participants. Afterwards they share the outcomes and the results will be amazing, because talents are used.

In the Dutch version there are 64 different action cards, divided in3 types of assignments and 8 intelligences. Read more about the product in the flyer, which I am happy send by wetransfer if you send me an e-mail at: titia@5voor9.com.

The toolbox Action Cards is not published in English yet. To get an impression and to give you the possibilty to work with a few of the cards, you can download 10 Action Cards for free. Here you find your downloadlinks. Enjoy!: 10 free action cards











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  1. Marjolein van Vessem op 16 september 2015 om 08:33

    Echt heel fijn om dit zo op een rijtje te hebben!
    Mijn vraag is: heb je tips hoe ik de bereidheid van mijn collega’s kan vergroten om deze werkvormen te gebruiken?